GAS Jeans


GAS does it and a hundred think about it. Better still a hundred re-think it. Because every single page of our / you maGASine is in full re-think style.

Re-Think is a magazine all about re-thinking environmental issues, re-thinking illustration, re-thinking African design, re-thinking the way you clean your house and re-thinking how you read and use a magazine (with a bit of fashion diversion as well)

What is re-think? It’s the simplest way to break with the values of a planet that is every more in line with the standards of globalisation. In an age that the monster homogenous though is advancing, re-thinking can represent a valid alternative, a true escape route to liberty. Re-think means transforming the world and ourselves without worrying about having to constantly produce new idols-icons-myths, but instead using and reinterpreting those that already exist close to hand. All of this without a few toxins from your home (and from your planet), or saving a bit of water for the future or even using a magazine as a notepad for your inspired journeys. Don’t stop thinking.  Move to re-think.