Pocko Gallery

Pocko is proud to announce the forthcoming exhibition, Fragments: Typography Deconstructed, featuring a selection of typographical posters from young and emerging artists, as well as established designers.

The exhibition showcases projects that reflect all the aspects of typography, such as craftsmanship, communication and technology. ‘Fragments: Typography Deconstructed’ focuses on innovative typographical designs and the different components that have been fragmented, as part of the experimental process, be that through the use of colour or physical distortion.

Pocko has the pleasure to exhibit artwork from Vaughan Oliver, Sagmeister & Walsh, Ari Weinkle, Hideki Nakajima, Tania Debono, Rylsee, Tind, Beetroot, Jules Julien, Sven Lindhorst-Emme, Fraser Muggeridge Studio, MuirMcNeil, Yomar Augusto, Mary Ponomareva, Jens Marklund, Mané Tatoulian, DHBW Lunchtime Talks, Canefantasma, Por Um Acaso and Onss Mhirsi among others.

Duration of the exhibition:

2 August – September 30

Animation by Ari Weinkle

From left to right: Beetroot, Onss Mhirsi

From left to right: Tind, Fraser Muggeridge Studio, Jules Julien

DHBW Ravensburg. From left to right: Yannick Wörner & Thomas Rostock, Katja Bantle

From left to right: Muir McNeil, Tania Debono, Canefantasma

From left to right: Tina Touli, Vaughan Oliver, Massimo Miliucci

From left to right: Mary Ponomareva, Lindhorst-Emme

Sagmeister & Walsh

From left to right: Lindhorst-Emme, Mary Ponomareva, Jens Marklund

From left to right: Onss Mhirsi, Julia Miceli, Mané Tatoulian

From left to right: Tom Greenhill, Karun Agimal, Giorgio Marani