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Cultural Heritage

Pocko and AWolff Studios  team up with The Factum Foundation to create this short film to promote digital documentation and the preservation of cultural heritage. The film is a call to action campaign focused on the importance of archaeological preservation and how we can use a new technology called Photogrammetry to save our cultural heritage from the dangers is facing.

The brief from Factum was all about spreading the message of how much in danger our cultural heritage and what we can do help through new technology. Through extensive research and some challenging obstacles Nicola and Matteo wrote, directed and produced this short film ‘There is no Future without a Past’ to convey a message for a noble campaign.

We wanted to celebrate human achievements and to move away from using motion graphics to explain issues so we developed rich, detailed illustrations to show what we have as human heritage.

 The film illustrates the factors that have contributed to the destruction of these monuments such as war, natural erosion, and vandalism and more recently tourism, which takes us to the development of Photogrammetry and how it works. Photogrammetry allows anyone outside the scientific circle to be part of a process where photo can be used to ‘map’ any monument or artefact and save the data to re-create facsimiles in the future.

The film takes us on a journey using a strong visual style through various monuments reflecting human creativity and civilisations throughout the centuries.

The result is an emotional call to action film for a cause and technology that advances our capabilities to preserve our past for future generations.

Watch the full length film here

The Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2009 in Madrid. Working alongside Factum Arte, its sister company, the Foundation compiles digital archives for the preservation and study of heritage, designs and organises exhibitions, develops equipment for heritage documentation, sets up training centres for new recording technologies around the world, and produces exact facsimiles.

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