ENI + Pocko Lab

An ongoing creative collaboration

ENI is a major integrated energy company with core values of sustainability, culture, partnership, innovation and efficiency. They also support a range of activities in the fields of music, theatre, arts, cultural heritage and special events. With a diverse and unique pool of artistic talent across the globe, Pocko is an ideal partner for ENI to help them demonstrate their commitment to the arts and culture.

Pocko are experts in translating consumer brands to target markets, and with our brand knowledge and international network of talent we can put a unique edge on your product. We do this with innovation, expertise and by daring to explore new avenues. All of our artists have the essence of originality, individuality and credibility and they communicate these values to the public. 

The wide range of creative practices and styles offered by our approach gave birth to a fruitful collaboration with ENI. The excellence of Pocko and its artists, together with a “nothing is impossible” attitude, allowed ENI to find the perfect companion for their artistic aims. 


Pocko is an ideal partner for ENI to help them demonstrate their commitment to the arts and culture.

Since 2009, Pocko has been collaborating with TBWA ITALIA & ENI as a creative consultancy, to provide a host of artists for their global marketing campaigns. Pocko’s vast network of international artists proved invaluable to ENI’s vision. ENI’s communication strategy aimed to sponsor up-and-coming artists who would act as creative ambassadors for various countries. The artwork was used throughout ENI’s global PR approach, from print to television, including the esteemed Global Compact Leaders Summit, 2010. 

The Crotone Mural, Southern Italy

ENI approached Pocko to produce a large-scale mural in Crotone, Southern Italy, on behalf of their subsidiary group Syndial. Pocko enlisted the talented Italian graffiti artist Danilo “NEVE” Pistone, who spent 5 weeks planning and painting the artwork on Crotone’s disused gas tower. Upon completion, the mammoth-scale production became a Guinness World Record contender for the largest mural painting, scaling at 56 metres high. 

The Crotone Mural began with a series of initial sketches on paper. Models were then chosen, photographed, and placed within a rough layout. Once approved, NEVE travelled to Crotone and proceeded with rendering the final artwork onto the gas tower.

Pocko Lab + Onesize TVC

FilmMaster & TBWA enlisted our consulting expertise to work on a new campaign for ENI’s new generation of superior quality fuels: eni blu+

The brief was to produce 5 animated television commercials that would express the power of ENI’s fuel technology through dynamic particle physics, abstract fluid forms, sound design and live footage.

Pocko Lab started the process by recommending a number of cutting-edge animation teams represented from around the world. Each studio provided the client with a complete production treatment, which went through a series of approvals and tests, before one studio was awarded the final job.

Dutch studio ONESIZE were chosen as the lead Animation studio, along with young Director Reinier Flaes, to produce the series of animations.

Additional content included exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, teasers, and 4 outdoor print campaigns.