Eastpak x Pocko


Pocko Social is about community and responsibility –  so with the unfortunate spread and news of CoronaVirus travelling through the world, we recently started  a social media campaign called ‘#peaceofmind”.

We all know the serious physical health implications of Covid-19 – but the damage to society has been rather radical; plunging stock markets, increased racism/harassment, stockpiling, overcrowded hospitals and serious mental health implications due to quarantine.


Sharing the work of creatives helps to bring ideas to life and unlock new ones, that’s why EASTPAK asked Pocko to share some of the work from our #peaceofmind campaign alongside commissioning some new art work. Helping to spread the heartwarming messages of positivity, creativity and remaining optimistic whilst living through a pandemic.

If you like this then check out the Pocko Social #peaceofmind campaign – HERE.

For our #peaceofmind campaign we originally asked artists to use colours that have relaxing or uplifting qualities and to not reference the virus directly – The results were funny, thoughtful and heartwarming. Pocko was proud to have our talented network of artists create images spreading positive messages and advice in the age of COVID-19 and Quarantine, these images were then shared across the Pocko and Artists’ social media platforms!

Coincidentally at the same time as the Pocko Social ‘#peaceofmind’ campaign, the lifestyle, bags and accessories brand EASTPAK were looking to collaborate with a range of artists in the age of COVID-19. EASTPAK were keen to spread the message  “Resist boredom. Inspiring positivity through creativity”,  aiming to  celebrate the works of artists, creators, photographers, and animators.

“We are here to express ourselves as individuals and inspire positive resistance along the way. We believe that now is a good time to inspire positivity through creativity. We’re taking the time to celebrate the works of artists, creators, photographers, and animators. These creatives help us to bring our ideas to life and unlock new ones.”