Dreams and Nightmares

Pocko Exhibition

Pocko gallery presents their first exhibition out of lockdown with artist Marco Oggian, titled Dreams and Nightmares! After the success of ‘100 Faces, Marco returns to the Pocko gallery, and with him 3 unique visual artists/studios.

Please call the gallery ahead of time to visit the gallery – between 9:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Fri).

Dreams and Nightmares will feature an exciting mix of 2D and 3D pieces from Marco himself, as well as artists Mike Fernandez, Made Black Studios and Ana Rod.

Dreams and Nightmares is themed around the global anxiety we as a collective human race are experiencing, as we currently struggle to pull out of a global pandemic. Dreams and Nightmares specifically focuses on three emotions – Anger, Hate and Fear. Using Marco’s unique visual style as a springboard, each artist will interpret these emotions into their respective materials.

‘Creativity will always prevail through hardships, which is why the rewarding collaboration between these artists represents the uplifting Dream-like feeling within this exhibition’ – Marco Oggian.

Marco Oggian focused on using these emotions – Anger, Hate and Fear – to create his iconic monsters. The use of his bold colors, shapes and patterns, contrast and compliment as Dreams and Nightmares do. 

Made Black Studios focused on interpreting each one of these 3 emotions into a unique custom pair of sneakers. Please contact Made Black Studio for any pre-orders of these sneakers.

3D artist Mike Fernandez interpreted his idea of a nightmare emotions into a virtual 3D monster. You can access these filters on the Pocko Instagram.

Point the camera, whilst on the filter, on the photographer of the prints below to reveal them!

Ana Rod showcases her unique collection of ceramic made nightmares, painted in dreamlike colours. This addition of Marco Oggian’s prints displayed around the gallery will feed into the theme of being in a Dreamlike Nightmare space. 

“The challenge of looking out into Marco Oggian’s world and extract, in clay, these collage pieces, was an amazing amazingly fun creative exercise. The use of color has been consistent with Marco’s palette and his most iconic elements merge with some of my more characteristic shapes in a very natural way.  They become in bodily objects, glazed ceramic creations, which you can touch and feel, walking around them, noticing their several textures.” – Ana Rod