Dark Room

Animation Screening

On Thursday 10th November, Pocko Gallery proudly hosted an animation screening of ‘Dark Room‘ – the new short film from award winning animator Sugar Blood‘s (AKA Pedro Allevato).

In this animated short Pedro explores the prisons our memories create, the struggles of moving on & the acceptance that nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.


The film is a reflection on relationships. The protagonist discovers old photographs which brings haunting memories of a past lover to the surface. Dark Room touches on perception and faulty memory, and how a happy photograph may not show the truth that lies beneath.


All images by Brendan Cox

In other words, Happiness does not exist without sadness and sadness does not exist without happiness.

Pedro Allevato

Pedro Allevato is an award winning director and motion artist based in London, UK. Pedro has extensive experience working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, visual storytelling with studios across Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver and London.

“Sugar Blood is my high-end design name/AKA/brand driven by good stories. It brings together my experience with elegant design and obsession with beautiful movement. My unique style is defined by a seamless flirt between 2D, flat 3D animation and graphic design. For the past 10 years I developed my skills further on, becoming a specialist in Design, Direction, Character Animation and CGI film production.”

Sugar Blood has worked with a wide range of companies and projects, from advertisement, the music industry, films, fashion, and sports.