Cruel Britannia

Pocko Lab + Viumasters

Pocko Lab was asked to direct and produce a one-minute animation to promote Ian Cobain’s latest book entitled “Cruel Britannia”. Commissioned by our friends at Granta Publications, we enlisted the extraordinary talents of Viumasters, who we had recently met during our travels in Mexico. 

Ian Cobain, a senior author at The Guardian, looks beyond the cover-ups to reveal a secret and shocking record of torture in British Forgein Affairs. From the Second World War to the War on Terror, “Cruel Britannia” shows how the British have repeatedly and systematically resorted to torture, turning a blind eye where necessary, bending the law where they can, and issuing categorical denials all the while. What emerges is a picture of Britain that challenges our complacency on human rights and exposes the lie behind our reputation for fair play.