Campari Soda Dinamico

Marco Oggian and Pocko teamed up with iconic drinks brand, Campari Soda to create their first ever NFT artwork! Marco wanted to capture the lively spirit and unique design approach that Campari Soda has so often and historically taken to their campaigns, focusing on the shared nature of drinking Campari!

32 unique artworks have been created to celebrate the founding year of Campari – 1932. Marco then created 4 motion which were auctioned on Cryptoart on Opensea! The entire proceeds of the auction will be donated to Milan Polytechnic University to help fund future creative minds.


To celebrate Milan Design Week, Campari asked Marco to produce an iconic product to showcase the shared drinking culture of Campari.

Welcome the Campari stool! DUO is the design stool created for the #DesignConnection project by Marco Oggian. It is divided into two halves, creating a second seat to share with a friend, because the aperitif is designed to be shared.

“A unique and special project to underline, once again, Campari Soda’s desire to support young talents belonging to the varied and surprising world of design, with an eye always attentive to new trends.” – Poli.Design

“The exclusive peculiarity of this object is, in fact, that if necessary it is divided into two perfectly identical halves, creating two independent seats!” – Elle Magazine

“I started working on the simplicity of the concept, thinking that a bar stool would be ideal to best represent the idea of the aperitif. Drinking a “camparino”, however, is nice to do it with another person and it is from this point that we have developed the stool in such a way that it can be opened, divided and thus create two comfortable seats!” – Marco Oggian