Campari Soda

Design Connection

Thrilled to announce the final stage in the Marco Oggian and Campari Soda collaboration. Unveiled during Milan Design Week 2021, Marco created the ‘DUO stool’ inspired by drinking Campari with a mate!

Working once again with Ogilvy Italia – Pocko and Marco Oggian set out to produce an iconic design that harnesses Marco’s striking shapes and colour palette.

The stool will be reproduced and sold in 32 pieces (to remember the year of the brand’s birth, 1932) and the entire proceeds will be donated to a training institute active in the world of design.

Milan is the city of the aperitif, but bars are so crowded that it is very hard to find a free seat. The Duo stool is designed to be split in two so you can share your seat.” – Ogilvy Italia

“The exclusive peculiarity of this object is, in fact, that if necessary it is divided into two perfectly identical halves, creating two independent seats!” – Elle Magazine

“I started working on the simplicity of the concept, thinking that a bar stool would be ideal to best represent the idea of ​​the aperitif. Drinking a “camparino”, however, is nice to do it with another person and it is from this point that we have developed the stool in such a way that it can be opened, divided and thus create two comfortable seats!” – Marco Oggian