Break The Dark Ice

Pocko Exhibition

We are thrilled to have been the home to Lulu Wang’s new solo show, titled ‘Break the Dark Ice’. The exhibition features a variety of  mediums, from  sculpture & installation to mixed-media framed works and photographs.

Through this body of works, Lulu Wang explores the narratives of the physical existence of the human body, and its intricate relationship with the surroundings. The show was curated by Maria Abramenko, with production managed by Nick Collin.


While other pieces are part of Wang’s previous body of works, a series of drawings titled Prototype #2, #4 and #9 mark the start of a new path for her. The exhibition as a whole is a farewell to the old and a tribute to the new, and defines a breaking point within her practice.

In this new chapter, characterised by adopting the new pseudonym ‘Lulu X’, Wang is deeply influenced by new technology and AI, which is also being reflected in her upcoming body of performances.

“As you enter the Gallery; your eye is arrested by the image of a human form engulfed in a shimmering black liquid. It covers the face, hands, to the elbows. A body subsumed by a foreign and unknown matter. It is both sensuous and otherworldly. This is enhanced by an ethereal soundscape where its tonality emphasises the heterogeneous nature of the space.”

-Jamie Macleod Bryden, Writer at Nasty Magazine

“It is a legacy of the alien inside of me, adopting the shape and DNA of my body. It is a metaphor for the elusive change of life, a protection against human fragility.”

– Lulu Wang, Artist

“I’ve always had a strong interest in alien life and sci-fi themes, for example from movies like Under The Skin, Arrival. Humans and aliens are outsiders to each other, looking for ways to “agree to disagree”.”

– Lulu Wang, Artist

‘Break The Dark Ice’, solo show by Lulu Wang @lulu_wangyx curated by Maria Abramenko @mariabramenko, is on display from 15th June to 15th August 2023 at Pocko Gallery.

Exhibition review by Nasty Magazine: link