The International Remix of Advertising

BLADE brings together the world’s first exclusive collection of advertising masterworks in a massive 450-page, full colour publication.

Our eclectic survey of cutting-edge communications gathers the wit and wisdom of the world’s leading creatives. 

Only the most compelling copy, captivating designs and dynamic brand identities are showcased in a publication that shifts the way we look at advertising.

BLADE has been compiled and published by Pocko Editions and TAMED.


Advertising is, in a sense, the official art of modern society. Yet whilst advertising is often seen as an agent of conformity, increasingly, it is actually an outlet of creativity as the world’s companies fight to distinguish themselves from one another. 

The struggle to be original and to tap that desire for distinctiveness within the consumer has led to an extraordinary diversity of ways to sell us something, be it a product, or an idea. It is these attempts to communicate that are brought together, for the first time, in Blade. 

Blade is an extraordinary symposium of ads from around the world, collecting work that shows how man’s desire to sell has spurred him to new levels of invention.

From African murals to Asian cartoons, from religious promotions to environmental installations, the range of attempts to shock, to scare, to make us laugh, to make us guilty, to make us feel good, shows the diversity and the incredible similarities in every attempt to connect with the consumer.

Contributions have been carefully selected and include the Creative Directors from the worlds leading communication and advertising agencies. 

Through the originality, diversity and naked imagination of its ad collection, Blade is simply an unrivalled resource for all who revere the art of communication.