Chilly’s Bottles

Artist Series

Pocko had the pleasure of collaborating with Chilly’s this year on an exciting new Artists series involving our very own Italian duo, Marco Oggian and Michela Picchi.

Each month Chilly’s collaborated with a new artists for a limited edition run of a uniquely designed bottle. Each one will be engraved with its unique edition number. You can view the collaborations on Chilly’s website here!


We were so excited that the project gave Michela and Marco complete creative freedom, with no restrictions. We think the final outcomes are beautiful and unique!

Marco Oggian was the first up in the artists series releasing the ‘Fantasy’ & ‘Magic Jungle’ designs in March; Michela followed up with ‘Psychedelic Dream’ in July. Marco’s was a smash hit and sold out completely! We have no doubt Michela’s will follow suit.

“Nature is wonderful in all its forms. There’s something magical about every living being. This is one of many reasons why we should respect our planet more”

Marco Oggian

“I wanted to create something highly visual and impactful, very psychedelic. A return to the ‘67 Summer of Love.”