Belong Anywhere

One of the wonderful things about Airbnb is their open-mindedness  to a variety of visual styles. Such diversity is exemplified in their commissions of various Pocko artists.


Michela Picchi,  Andrew Holder, and Nikopicto were encouraged by Airbnb to create unique images to illustrate the company’s inclusive slogan: “Belong Anywhere”.

LA has plenty of iconic structures and locations but if you live there, at least to me, those individual places aren’t what make it great.

The Airbnb commissions of Michela Picchi and Andrew Holder are part of the company’s new initiative ‘trips’. ‘Trips’ looks to expand Airbnb, promising ‘unique experiences, incredible homes, and local favourites – all from one app.’  Berlin resident Michela and LA native Andrew were asked to capture the essence of their respective cities.

Andrew’s illustration above captures the vibe of Los Angeles in its stunning simplicity. Though well aware that LA has plenty of iconic structures and locations, Andrew does not see them as the city’s most important factor.  He feels that the different neighborhoods, the diversity of cultures, and the close proximity to the ocean, desert, forest and mountains are what make LA a place worth visiting.

Unlike Andrew, Michela is not native to the city she was asked to portray. Michela is Italian and thus her illustration further invokes the Airbnb ‘Belong Anywhere’ motto as it blends her unmistakable style with Berlin landmarks.

Airbnb Berlin were so impressed with Michela’s artwork that, when they opened their office in Berlin, they commissioned her to adapt her vision of the city for a mural in their office. Michela said of the project: ‘I had total freedom, it was super cool!’

I had total freedom, it was super cool!

Nikopicto were commissioned by TBWA New York to design and to create this enchanting campaign for Airbnb. The playful 3D illustration shows a cat floating on a piece of ice in an area inhabited by penguins to emphasise Airbnb’s slogan ‘belong anywhere.’