Adobe MAX

Brand Identity

Adobe, the world’s leading creative software company,  commissioned Michela Picchi to create illustrations for the identity of their 2018 creative conference Adobe MAX.

Attracting creatives from across the globe, over 14,000 attendees descended on the Los Angeles Conference Centre for creative talks, workshops and keynote speeches on Adobe’s latest product innovations.

Michela was commissioned to create vector illustrations for one of a set of three videos inspired by Tao Tajima’s Night Stroll. Each of the three films follows animals, objects and other worldly creatures seeping through the seams of downtown LA, lighting up desolate streets and playing with the fabric of the city.


Each of the 3 films showcased the capabilities of Adobe’s software fusing vector art, live action film and motion graphics, transforming mundane scenes into beguiling stories. Michela’s illustrations were perfectly suited to the brief bringing her bold colour pattern and chimerical characters and patterns to the streets of LA.

I was honoured to collaborate with world renowned brand that develops amazing software that we artists use daily for creative purpose. It was amazing to see my illustrations come to life in the film on the streets on LA and then to see them all over the conference centre.

Michela Picchi 

The film formed the background of the introduction to the headline keynote speech and the illustrations and stills from the film were used as the event’s brand identity and  her patterns decorated the venue throughout.

Michela’s bold patterns caught the eye of many of the attendees, being shared widely on instagram and social platforms.