The Happy Island for Cows

In conjunction with animator Matteo Manzini, Pocko Lab are proud to introduce our latest animation for Arborea. McCann Milan had approached us to tell the story of the Arborea cows, and the history of Sardinia, where the sun, sea and wind meet harmoniously – its cows eat the superior feed, and is reflected in the tastiness of their produce.

Arborea is a mysterious world, where the land is pure and cows are in abundance. This world will be familiar to us all, however there is a certain magic and fantasy that occurs here that helps to produce the most tasty dairy. The world will be a visual metaphor, evocative of the natural benefits of Arborea’s milk produce.

Arborea is an Italian dairy products brand based in Sardinia which recently wholly rebranded and repositioned with great success. A great focus has been given on packaging design and illustrations on all media. The result is a fresh tone of voice which is quite unique for its category, especially in advertising, where illustration style is supposed to change each year to deliver every time a brand new imaginary.

Arborea! A mysterious place that loves to hide its beauty to everyone. Its wide, uncontaminated fields, the sun that embraces you and warms you up from within. A radiant place. Arborea! Here, the breeze winds you up with that unmistakable scent: a mix of sea-air and wild nature. The happy island for cows exists: it lies in Sardinia. Its promise? A surprisingly tasty milk.