A.R.E Generative Hut

Pocko Exhibition

We are thrilled to have hosted A.R.E at Pocko Gallery, a new exhibition concept that brings together some of the best generative art in the world, offering a uniquely immersive art experience.

A.R.E or Augmented Reality Exhibition, is a collection of portable generative art showcasing the work of 31 international artists. It is selected and curated by Generative Hut founder Pierre Paslier, and Luca Bendandi of Vetro Editions, who is also the publisher of the book. 

As an art form, ‘generative art’ is an umbrella term coined for all artworks that have been created with the use of an autonomous system, such as an algorithm, computer code, or drawing machine. The generative artist collaborates with the algorithm, where handing over control is a large part of the process; resulting in an overlap of science, tech, art, and design. 

There is no limit to the potential of generative art, meaning the pieces in A.R.E land somewhere between order and chaos.

By using a free app, viewers will be able to access an extra dimension of the artworks, giving rise to a truly new interaction – one in which the book becomes the vessel for a digital exhibition space.

A.R.E (Augmented Reality Exhibition) is a collaborative project, bringing together the international generative art community Generative Hut; paradigm-shifting augmented reality platform Aria; and Vetro Editions, the publishing house focusing on analogue after digital. Following its launch at Pocko, A.R.E will continue its exhibition run at Zönotéka, Berlin in December.

The idea for this book came from the feeling that displaying such artwork is where screens can fall short, and one starts to look for that other medium: print. But what if there was a bridge between the physical and digital worlds? Through the use 
of augmented reality, we conceived this book to let you unlock motion on the pages, creating an experience that is more akin to visiting an exhibition. – Pierre Paslier

The opening night experience was phenomenal. Attendees were from all corners of that beautiful art and science intersection. The shared conversations at Pocko cultivated and nurtured this passion for Generative Art.

Participating artists –

Quentin Lengelé @qornflex / Richard Plumitallo @plum_rich / Aaron Penne @aaron_penne / Alex Guevara @alex.g.u.e.v.a.r.a / Alida Sun @alidasun / Arnaud Pfeffer @arnaudpfef /Bruce Roberts @canvas.51 / Geoffrey Bradway @chromatocosmos / Christian Kauppert @codinginthedark / David Szakaly @dvdp / Bileam Tschepe @elekktronaut  / Julian Frener @frenerdesign / Hideki Saijo @hdksjskdh / Caleb Ogg @iso.hedron  / Piter Pasma @piterpasma / John Carpenter @johnbcarpenter / Julien Gachadoat @julienv3ga / Karl Sluis @kcsluis / Kjetil Golid @kgolid / Loïc Schwaller @loackme  / Omer Avarkan @omer_avarkan / Pierre Paslier @pierre.paslier / Paola Olea @pao.olea / Dan Catt @revdancatt / Process Studio @process.studio / Hyojung Seo @seohyo / Umut Gonka @seskamol / Guillaume Laguarde @entropismes / Jessica In @shedrawswithcode / John Harman @thejohnharman / David Mrugala @thedotiswhite