A Chance Tone Of Colour

Pocko Exhibition

Known specifically for her use of ink and paper, Nomoco’s processes capture the special spontaneity and magic of when ink comes into contact with paper.

Nomoco’s work for this exhibition represents ‘gatherings’ found in the world around us, from people in an enormous city to trees in a midnight forest. 

The built up ink cells in Nomoco’s work portray the elements in the world around us coming together to create unity and harmony. A series of ink paintings, an animation showreel and a limited edition publication of Nomoco’s sketchbook will be exhibited in Pocko Gallery from February 18th to March 18th.


It was technically challenging to create one big piece of tiny, built up, individual cells.  I was careful to try and keep the balance between individual cells and the piece as a whole. I tried to create a surface with subtle colour waves which created feeling and tension.

The women series is subtle expression of Anthropomorphism – I wanted to create suggestive story about women as trees; standing alone, fixed firmly on the ground. They are standing together like trees in a forest… I’m planning to expanding this series in the future.

ABOUT NOMOCO Nomoco was born in Fukuoka, Japan and currently lives in London. She graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Japan, subsequently graduating from London College of Communication, UK, with a BA in Graphic Design, and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, UK, with an MA in Communication Design. Nomoco has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in London, Milan, Tokyo, Singapore, New York and Mexico City.

 Nature and the French Horn are her inspiration. She enjoys experimenting with various materials and craft-work in her works. For the past few years, she has been especially keen on playing with ink and its organic movement. She also produces work under her full name Kazuko Nomoto.