16th Century Life Expectancy

Pocko Exhibition

Pocko Gallery has been thrilled to welcome a new exhibition to its space: ’16th Century Life Expectancy’.

The exhibition seeks to unearth the misinformation surrounding the Black trans community whilst also shining a light on the bias, discrimination, and racism they encounter on a daily basis.

The project, part of which was exhibited at Christie’s in May 2023, was initiated by UK Black Pride (UKBP): The world’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQI+ people.

Through a series of photography portraits edited into the aesthetics of 16th century, the project tells a story about five key figures involved in the black pride movement: Talulah-Eve, Amani Cosmo, Ebun Sodipo, Rico Jacob Chace and Mzz Kimberely.

“Pride marketing has become synonymous with empty gestures and rainbow-logo washing. However McCann London punctures this cynicism with its 16th Century Portrait Campaign for UK Black Pride. The campaign parodies the misinformation fueling a culture of hate against Trans people.”

– Georgie Moreton, Deputy Editor of BITE at CreativeBrief

“Misinformation is not only misleading it is extremely dangerous for the Trans community. The campaign playfully pokes fun at one of the most common well-known misleading statistics, (…) and has a powerful message at its core; misinformation is violence against Trans people.”

– Georgie Moreton, Deputy Editor of BITE at CreativeBrief

Alongside the five framed portraits, the exhibition also features a series of other portraits generated by the online community using the #16thcentury UKBP Instagram filter; a short pride film; and a protest flag.

The ’16th Century Life Expectancy’ was brought together in collaboration with McCann London and UK Black Pride.

To learn more and support the campaign, please visit the dedicated campaign website.