May 14 - News

Bored In Your Lockdown? Try Watching Birds

Ever since lockdown started do you find yourself staring out the window watching life go by wondering if there is something more you could be doing with your time? Well look no further!

Our very own nature loving illustrator Benjamin Flouw has been keeping busy in lockdown – this time creating beautiful illustrations  for The New York Times! Benjamin was commissioned by Art Director Nathan Huang to illustrate an article for the NYT about Birdwatching by David Sibley.

The article is titled, “Bored In Your Lockdown? Try Watching Birds” and is full of handy tips for getting into Birdwatching from your very own homes.  Benjamin created a charming header illustration along with seven smaller illustrations to accompany each of Selby’s nifty tips!

You’ll find the full article HERE.