September 1 - News

Blooming Rimini

Train stations can hold main different emotions – the sadness with departure of loved ones, but the next meeting leaving us hopeful. Emiliano Ponzi captured these feelings in a new Augmented Reality mural that is sure to win over your heart.

Displayed at the station of the Italian city, Rimini – Emiliano illustrates the story of people falling in love and being amongst the wild flowers.

Using the Aria app you can view the mural in AR bringing not only the animation of the two lovers to life, but the sounds of the rustle of wild flowers plays to you.

Emiliano Ponzi is based in Milan, Italy. His bold textured illustrations feature strong graphic compositions to define and communicate the concept at hand. His clients include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, The Economist, Washington Post, Newsweek, National Geographic, United Airlines, MoMA.

Blooming Rimini is a broader and ongoing project designed for the city of Rimini. The goal is to build urban scenes covering those areas that contain a construction site. The metaphor the flower one, from the seed to the blooming one and so the construction/remodeling site.”

– Emiliano Ponzi