January 15 - News

Bjorn Lie and Popil create city illustrations for Lufthansa

Bjorn Lie and Popil have recently finished their work for Lufthansa’s online global promotion, with our friends at Plan-Net. The concept is all about the “Wimmelbilder” – images originating in Germany which display scenes that teem with people, buildings and/or other objects. Each illustration stages a story or situation found in everyday life. The Lufthansa microsite features different destinations and their typical locations that are associated with travel – Bjorn was chosen to represent London, and Popil illustrates Beijing.There is also competition on the microsite which challenges the visitor to explore and discover details within the images. Each day we present a new “Wimmelbild“ and a new challenge to hunt specific objects in the scenes. As a highlight for this promotion, the brand will also produce a unique and high-quality book with all the featured illustrations.