June 3 - News

Bijou Karman for Prada x Man Repeller

The effortlessly stylish Bijou Karman was recently invited to collaborate with luxury fashion house, Prada and fashion blog, Manrepeller in order to create a bold set of ‘illustrated frames’.

Taking her undeniably cool 300 Polaroids project as inspiration, Bijou whipped up some seriously slick illustrations which can be downloaded as Instagram story filters via the Unfold App. The illustrated frames were created in order to promote Prada’s new range of SS19 Disguise sunglasses whilst giving the fashion savvy an opportunity to interact with the reputable brands SS19 campaign as seen through Bijou Karman’s creative lens.

To coincide with the Prada Disguise campaign, Manrepeller had members of their team put on the SS19 Prada shades and pose, serving up facial expressions which best described their personality. Bijou then had the challenge of interpreting these images with Prada’s stylish frames in mind, creating nine playful illustrated polaroids to sit alongside articles on their website and social media platforms.

Want to get involved and see the full set of illustrated frames? Download Bijou’s handy-work via the Unfold app to add a fashion-ready, Prada flare to your instagram stories!