February 5 - News

Artists at Work: Michela Picchi

I moved to Berlin 5 years ago, and I’ve been lucky enough to have a studio since 3 years at Kunstquartier Bethanien, the famous former hospital in Kreuzberg, now entirely restored through cultural activities, artists’ studios, prints room, music schools. The former chapel of the ex-hospital is today a popular public art place. I love going there, I see my room a sort of creative temple where I am free from everything.

It’s not the studio itself that brings inspiration, I usually visualise my best artwork when I walk, it’s just a combination of energies that make me feel safe in that place in order to create.

After my solo show in Milan with 40 works in total in between paintings, carpet, sketches and old prints,  it’s been a long journey for me to find a new mature way to express. A more adult dialogue with myself that I could transfer into a sort of more mature way to picture what I visualise. This kind of process never come easy, but I’m happy I’m find a new way to draw characters for example. It’s sometimes small touches that change the whole perception of a painting, a mural, or whatever artwork.

Tell us your top books, possessions or images in your studio that give you inspiration?

I do not have many books in the studio or objects in my studio – besides my ceramic tiger friend that guards the studio when I’m gone.  I collect really few books around art in general. I need to have a clear mind, free from other’s works in order to create.

On the other hand, I have some of psychology and philosophy books, and sometimes I love to go to the studio and just sit on the couch and read. My creative process, for my personal works, is about my ability to externalize a concept and turn it into an image.

My favourite are “Eye and Mind” by Maurice Merleau-Ponty and is a complex and poetic analysis of painting as a form of vision, which I find really fascinating and “The Happiness of Burnout” by Finn Janning, which is a sort of journal of philosophy of life based on the real story of an amazing artist (Jeppe Hein).

What’s your inspirations right now and for 2019?

Mountains and blooming flowers.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Having the possibility to paint more walls, which is always so exciting to me. The whole process reminds me of a huge canvas in the end. When I painted my longest one (40 meters long tiger) in Cleveland, it felt kinda meditative those days up on the scaffolding painting. So definitely I’d love to paint more walls, to paint more canvas and create a new serie, and to have special collaborations.

Any exciting projects or collaborations coming up in 2019?

My sunglasses collaboration for Flamingo Brand is also coming soon out in Spring and can’t wait to see them for real and to rock 2019 with them.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, l’ve been asked to exhibit in Santander Art Fair (14-18 July) and to have around 20mq room just for me, with total freedom in what I want to create with it. I’ve already started planning the room, depending of installations and paining I want to create ad hoc for the occasion, I would love to create a sort of my fantasy room. I’m so excited!