February 5 - News

Artists at Work: Marco Oggian

My studio is located in A Coruña, in the north of Spain but I could work everywhere and actually, I already did! Since I only need pens and a computer, I spent 8 months traveling all around Europe and South America with my girl. I always try to work in a new way finding new inspirations, techniques and solutions. Man it’s sooo boring working in just one way!

Tell us your top books, possessions or images in your studio that give you inspiration?

Sure! An amazing 100 limited edition copy of THE DIRTY DOGS by Matt Georges, a snowboarding photographic journey all around the world. A limited edition of the first Star Wars movie poster and… That’s it I guess

What’s your inspirations right now and for 2019?

The Italian populism and racism. Fucking awful and (ironically and sarcastic) awesome at the same time. It’s crazy out there, I’m pretty ashamed of my country.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Going back to Japan!

Some comments for this 2019

“This year I don’t want to get angry”

“I want to experiment a lot, giving the light something extremely powerful”

“I hope my country, my lovely Italy, gonna change”

“Less Instagram, more Sex”