February 5 - News

Artists at Work: Bijou Karman

My studio is a small room in my home. I would like to expand it soon!  But I love being able to work whenever I feel like it with no limits, and not having to leave the house most days is nice.

I paste inspiration all over my walls: magazine tears, old postcards, prints by other artists. This helps me with new ideas when I’m feeling stuck, I just look up and get inspired!

Lately I have been experimenting with new brushes in Procreate on my iPad Pro. It’s easy to get stuck with one brush (which is the equivalent of one style of drawing really) because it achieves a predictable look. But lately I’ve been liking a more sketchy pencil-drawn look, so I have been using the digital pencil.

I have a few books I find myself always going back to: One is a book of 1960s and 70s patterns.  I use a lot of pattern in my work, so this is a must for ideas. Then there is another book “Electrical Banana,” which is about a few different artists from the sixties who worked in a psychedelic style, which is a look I draw from a lot.  And lastly, I have a small vintage book of hundreds of cactus photos that I always go back to when I need some inspiration in that realm.

What’s your inspirations right now and for 2019?

Too soon to tell!

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

I’m looking forward to making more personal work.

Any exciting projects or collaborations coming up in 2019?

I will have a couple feminist-centered books that I illustrated coming out for young adults this year: Born To Fly, about women pilots in the 1920s, and Girls Who Run The World, about entrepreneurial women who started their own businesses.