July 17 - News

Andrew Holder – Patagonia Books “Chasing Rumor”

Patagonia not only creates the best outdoor clothing and gear, but their core philosophy on environmental and social responsibility is unparalleled (and of course reflected in their products). With an emphasis on environmental education, their in-house imprint Patagonia Books translates values to the next generation through global stories in surfing, climbing and fly-fishing.

Known for this considered approach to recreation and the natural world, Andrew Holder was a fitting choice to illustrate PB’s latest book by Cameron Chambers: Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia.

In Chasing Rumor, Cameron Chambers chronicles his modern-day pilgrimage to the rivers of Patagonia in pursuit of legendary 20-pound trout. What started as a trip focused on catching fish became a love affair with the Patagonian landscape, environment, and, mostly, the people. From a business mogul turned B&B owner to a kid determined to save a local trout population, Chasing Rumor is at times the story of a handful of fishermen, and at other times a tale of enormous trout. 

Tight lines!