Bjorn Lie

Bjorn Rune Lie is a Norwegian illustrator who now lives and works in Bristol, England. Since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 2001, Bjorn has slowly developed a unique and personal visual language which is instantly recognizable, yet extremely versatile. As well as doing commissions for a range of international clients, he also finds time to do his own artwork and book projects. He has written and illustrated three children’s books, and exhibits his work around the world. 

Inspired by childhood memories, folk art and Noir films, Bjorn’s pictures tend to be playful, yet rich in details and texture. They often feature anatomically incorrect characters and strangely beautiful scenery.

Clients include: Carrefour, Maurices, Dainese, RIBA, The British Library, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Wired magazine, TINE, Ruter#, Grønnt Punkt, Lobo Perry, Kauniste, Yee Haw Industries, and Nobrow Press.