Joey Hi-Fi
JOEY HI-FI is the alter-ego of award-winning illustrator & designer, Dale Halvorsen. Operating from his secret underground lair in Cape Town, South Africa, he enjoys working on a variety of projects from book covers to logo's, comics, t-shirts and packaging. His work has been featured in 'Design Indaba' magazine, 'Communication Arts' & the cult South African publication 'i-jusi'. He has won a British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) award for his book cover for the novel 'Zoo City' (by Lauren Beukes). Recent commissions include work for The London Science Museum, the Mail & Guardian newspaper as well as new book covers for authors Chuck Wendig, Lauren Beukes, Imraan Coovadia, & Richard de Nooy. He also currently working on two Graphic Novels 'Bleak' & The Awkward Alter-ego's', both set in South Africa. Past Commissions include work for Random house Struik, Creature Of London, Jacana Media, Angry Robot, Hodder & Staughton, New Statesman, Bizarre Magazine, Smirnoff, Levis, FHM, and Wired Magazine UK. DOWNLOAD PDF PORTFOLIO

Shuttle Roof Rack
1.Shuttle Roof Rack
Banana Boat
3.Banana Boat
Lunar Lander
4.Lunar Lander
Moon BBQ
5.Moon BBQ
Flannel Raptor
8.Flannel Raptor
Zoo City Vinyl Monster
10.Zoo City Vinyl Monster
Zoo City Back Cover
11.Zoo City Back Cover
How To Sharpen A Cooks Knife
12.How To Sharpen A Cooks Knife
The Shooting Gallery
13.The Shooting Gallery
Self Portrait
14.Self Portrait
The Shooting Gallery Postcard
15.The Shooting Gallery Postcard
Joey Hi-Fi
16.Joey Hi-Fi
New Statesman Cover
17.New Statesman Cover
Moxyland Cover
18.Moxyland Cover
Movie Deaths
19.Movie Deaths
Joey Hi-Fi
20.Joey Hi-Fi
Spread Love
21.Spread Love
American Invaders
24.American Invaders
The Insult
25.The Insult
FHM Fight
26.FHM Fight
Dental Care 1234
27.Dental Care 1234
Breath Fresh
29.Breath Fresh
Ben and JCVD
30.Ben and JCVD
Aloe Vera
31.Aloe Vera

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