Born in 1985, Popil is an independent cross-media illustrator from Guangzhou,China. Her skills at drawing, mixing different techniques and using colours to create multiple designs and characters (such as her iconic girl called "Sha sha") has enabled her to rise to a point where her creations have become a source of influence to others and a symbol of china’s modern way of illustrating. Having already worked as a fashion designer, a brand manager, a graphic designer, and a animation director, she has a very rich and broad experience thus gaining recognition by national and international brands such as EVISU, LOTTO, NIVEA, ELLE, NESCAFE, OGILVY, MTV, Swatch, COACH, Wieden+Kennedy ... who have all already placed their trust in her ability and have invited her to produce many unique works for them. Recently, she was even invited to performed a lecture for the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Client list includes: Hennssy, Nike, Lotto, EVISU, ENO, Nivea, TBWA, Oglivy, W+K, Goelia, MTV, Swatch, Nescafe, Fortress, CUP, COACH, Jasonwood, CTF, Semir, Metersbonwe, ELLE, Esquire, Woman’s day et
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