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James Dawe for Clerkenwell Design Week

James Dawe has done a fantastic job working on the visual campaign for this year's Clerkenwell Design Week! We think he has really captured the essence and energy of what makes Clerkenwell the most vibrant and design-focused part of town: Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else on the planet! The event runs from 20th-22nd May.
Andrew Holder for SHOP Magazine

Andrew Holder was commissioned by our friends at Global Blue to produce this wonderful cover for SHOP magazine, Lake Saimaa edition. The feature is about visiting Lake Saimaa (in Finland) in the summer: what to see, what to wear and what to do. Global Blue loved the idea of Lake Saimaa as a refreshing and stylish place to visit, resulting in this illustration of a woman with her scarf billowing in the wind as she arrives at the lake.
IC4DESIGN - Pierre the Maze Detective

IC4DESIGN has produced an incredible booked called ‘Pierre the Maze Detective.’ In this quest book, various mazes and objects are hidden within detailed illustrations. In order to recover the maze stone, stolen by Phantom Thief X, Pierre and his assistant Carmen (and the reader) must be challenged by mazes in different locations. Sometimes in buildings, sometimes in the sky, in the sea or the forest, each time you turn the page a new maze with new quests unfolds. The 1920s-30s style of typography was chosen to reflect the era in which the book is set. See more of the details here

Olaf Hajek wins a Clio Award!

Olaf Hajek's Illustration for 2013 Macy's Flower Show Poster won a Clio Award 2014 for best Illustration in Print medium! AND was then elevated to win the Grand Clio 2014 for best project in Print medium worldwide! Congratulations Olaf!!


Serial Cut's latest campaing for Qantas explores the concept of "Ausmerica" - a portmanteau of Australia and America. Each letter of the word are filled with different landmarks to illustrate the journey from Australia to the USA. The whole set were also animated into a narrative for a pair of TVC commercials. 
Andrew Holder + Bomboland for KIEHL's

Los Angeles-based Andrew Holder and Italian duo Bomboland were approached by NYC's Night Agency to produce a couple of images for Kiehl's latest social media campaign. The artists illustrated the importance of a day-to-night skincare routine using our Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. 
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