Pomme Chan - The New York Times Magazine

Pomme Chan has been featured in The New York Times Magazine! Pomme's quirky illustrations have charmed the likes of Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Nike, who slapped her nature-inspired drawings on ads, a store and shoes, respectively. This year Pomme has branched out with a brand of her own called What If. Available at her online shop, Chan’s line includes dresses, cushions, handkerchiefs and scarves with her signature designs, which might be described as falling somewhere between an Hermès pattern, a Dalí drawing and an Ernst Haeckel print.

“When I look at things, I like to see them really clearly,” she says of finding inspiration in the natural world. “I zoom in and get some abstract shape out of it.” Chan’s first batch, released in August, sold so quickly that she is coming out with new designs, including iPhone cases, in November. “Doing one scarf is easy,” she says. “Doing a whole lot of them is not.”

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